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I took the second dose of methotrexate last night. I took it around 9:30 and was sound asleep soon after 10. I was wide awake with the creepy crawlies again about 11:15. Four hours and two really bad science fiction movies later, I fell back asleep at around 3:00. So now I’ve got a week to figure out a strategy before my next dose. Right now, my inclination is to take it around 6:00, so by 10:00, I’ll be ready to go to bed and to sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of the major problems that arthritis sufferers have because of the pain. It’s not nice that our medicine contributes to the problem.

I spoke with Dr. Cheatum’s office about having to go off the medication before my surgery and, to my surprise, they immediately said the recommendation is two weeks before to two weeks after. After Dr. Tucker warned me that Dr. Cheatum’s stance was that you didn’t have to discontinue the medicine, I was pleasantly surprised. Based on my schedule, I’ve actually got a compromise of 10 days before and 10 days after.

I’ve finally found some blogs of people who are/have taken MTX, and boy are they depressing. Right now I don’t have any side effects besides being tired. I’ve decided NOT to follow the blogs. Either I’ll get the side effects or I won’t. Everyone reacts differently and I’ll just make myself crazy worrying about what might happen. Dr. Cheatum has me on folic acid which helps mitigate the side effects, and not everyone who posted on the subject was and I think that is a major difference.

The one nugget of information that I found, however, is that the injectible MTX causes less side effects than the tablets. I suspect that would be the next step if I can’t tolerate the the tablets.

I continue on my nest-building quest in anticipation of surgery and recovery. This weekend I’m going to build soups and other goodies to put in the freezer. I’ve already built Mexican Soup (grilled chicken, black beans, sweet potatoes, spicy tomatoes, cumin, cilantro) and White Bean with Fennel. Today I’m going to create Italian soup (kind of like minestrone but with sweet Italian sausage). Shopping and cooking are very hard for me since I’m on my feet, so I do it in spurts when I can — with lots of rest in between.

On a final note, it’s been over a week since I’ve had a drink and, for someone who enjoys her glass of wine at the end of the day, I’m amazed that I haven’t missed it. I’ve been drinking those wonderful flavored sparkling waters from Wal-Mart — no calories, no sodium, just refreshing flavor. I go through about a quart an evening which has also got to be good for me.

That’s all I know. I expect the foreseeable future to be fairly quiet. No more doc appts in the near term. I’ll update the blog as I take the MTX doses and if anything else develops.

Thanks to all who have offered their love and support as I work through this.