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Last night was the third dose of Methotrexate. I took it on an empty stomach about 6:00, ate dinner about 8:00,  and took the rest of my nighttime  meds and supplements around 9:30. I never did get the creepy crawlies, but did get a raging heading about 1/2 hour after I took the MTX. It didn’t hurt when I was lying down, which is why I must not have noticed it before. I also got the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks and woke up less groggy this morning than previous Saturdays. So taking it early is probably a good thing. I’ve only got two more doses before surgery, but that ought to give me a good enough sample to get this process nailed.

On the insurance / $$$ front, I think the entire surgery will cost me about $5,500 out of pocket, which is less than I thought. Making deals with my surgeon and anesthesiologist helped a lot. That doesn’t take into account the loss of revenue since I won’t be working full tilt in August and probably September, but I’m working on that too. (Thank you, clients.) That’s the downside of working for yourself — no sick pay.

The home health care nurse came by on Thursday morning and she is delightful. The insurance has approved four visits. She said the first visit will be either the day I am discharged or the next morning if I don’t get discharged until late in the afternoon. I also found out from my Blue Cross nurse (more about her later) that they’ve approved 10 home visits by the physical therapist while I’m off. Sounds like I’m going to be busy!

Blue Cross not only has a 24-hour nurse hotline, but it has a program where they have nurses call people who are scheduled for surgery to make sure they don’t have any questions, have the patient information they need and provide them with resources. My nurse is Maria and I now have her direct line in case I have any questions or issues.

I do need to check to see if my policy covers home aid. I think I’d like someone to come in the mornings to help me in and out of the shower and get me up for the day — at least for the first week or so. Jack is more than willing and capable of doing this, but I don’t want him to have to make the decision of choosing between taking care of me or running his company.

Jack decided I needed a grab bar in my bathroom next to the toilet and I have rebelled. Sorry, but grab bars are for old ladies and I’m not there [yet]. So instead I’ve ordered this pole that extends from the floor to the ceiling. It can also be moved to the bedside or whereever I might need some extra help getting up or down. I’ve always wanted my own stripper pole and now I’ve got one!

The next blood donation is Monday at 9:30 am. I’ve got my mind made up that I’m not going to have issues with it, but honestly, I get physically nauseated when I think of it. I’m trying visualization techniques where everything goes okay and even when I envision things going smoothly, I literally get sick to my stomach.  We’ll see. One way or the other, that part will all be over Monday and for me that’s a major hurdle to put behind me.

The following week I have my pre-admit checkup/clearance with my internist. The week after that we have our sojourn out to Las Vegas for Jack’s birthday. Then it’s time for the surgery. It’ll be here before I know it.

I’ve gotten a lot of good thoughts and support and I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for checking in.