Not much significant has happened, but there are a few things worth mentioning for those of you who have been keeping up.

First of all, you’ll remember my determination NOT to have a grab bar in my bathroom and, instead, ordered a floor-to-ceiling pole. Time for Plan B. The wonderful website where I’ve been ordering my medical goodies goofed and what I got was an extension for the pole, not the pole itself. Unfortunately, the pole would cost about $250 and that’s just more than I want to spend on a temporary situation. So, yes, I’m going with the grab bar and contractor/husband Jack will be installing it so at least I don’t have to have other contractors in my house.

I took my fourth dose of MTX this past Friday. So far so good. No side effects. I took it early (6:00 pm) again on an empty stomach and did fine. Slept like a baby again for the first time since the last dose. I overdid myself this weekend, though, with shopping, cooking, laundry, etc. I was in a lot of pain by Sunday and actually wound up staying home in bed on Monday as well.

My brother is going to come into town and stay with me the week after the surgery (Sun-Thurs). Jack has some out of town trips that week and it will be good to have someone around. He has his own back/health issues, though and I told him it was going to be like the infirm taking care of the invalid. I’m sure we’ll get by, though.

I’ve got some other friends “on call” if I need anything, which means a lot.

This Thurs and Fri have some exciting events. I get my pre-op physical on Thursday and will (hopefully) donate my last unit of blood on Friday. Both have prospects of being traumatic events, but I’m optimistic everything will go well with both.

We’ve cancelled the trip to Las Vegas August 12-14. We just ran out of time. Jack has to be in Phoenix the 15-16 and I may try to go to a family gathering out of town on the same days. Then all of a sudden, it’s Sunday before surgery on Monday. This will give us, especially Jack, some breathing room to get everything done before my hospital visit.

I’ll update this weekend after the checkup and blood donation. Thanks for checking in.