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Went to donate blood yesterday. Hemoglobin is still 10.8 and it needs to be at least 11.0. I tried to get them to check it again, but they wouldn’t. They did say that if I came in first thing on Monday, they would try again. So I immediately drove to the North Dallas mecca for all natural healing, herbs, vitamins, foods, etc. I didn’t want to take any additional iron or folic acid because I don’t want to go toxic. The lady there suggested some additional things that might help, so I’m going to take maximum dosages over the weekend and try, try agin. I can only think that the Methotrexate is interferring with RBC and/or hemoglobin production. Dr. Cheatum said that I could take up to 10 folic acid tablets/day around the time I take the Methotrexate (I currently take 6 the day before, the day of and the day after, as well as two on the other days). So, I’m going to up the folic acid intake a bit as well. That’s all I know to do. I’m taking all the B vitamins, including lots of B12, so we’ll see.
I just basically lost it this morning. I am so frigging tired of dealing with this. It seems like every day my life revolves around either getting ready for the surgery or dealing with the disease. I know it’s not going to get better any time soon, but I’m really frustrated with the whole situation.
On Thursday I went in for my pre-op physical, so I had all the test I just had done in June, then again in July for Dr. Cheatum. I’m getting so radiated I really am going to glow in the dark. My doctor apologized, but all the blood work, EKG and chest X-Ray info has to be within 30 days, so what are you going to do? Unfortunately, since my hemoglobin was so low on Friday, I know it’s going to show up drastically low on my pre-op tests. (It was 12.5 in June when I had my checkup.) I’m hopeful that won’t interfere with surgery. I really do not want to reschedule.
I took the fifth dose of Methotrexate last night — same routine, around 6:00 pm. This seems to work. I still feel like someone let all the air out of my balloon about an hour later and get a headache if I sit up or stand up for more than a few minutes. Other than that, no major side effects.
We’re down to the final countdown to surgery now. I’ll check back in after I try to give blood again on Monday. Thanks for checking in.