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The surgery is day after tomorrow and I’ve started counting hours instead of days. This will be the last post until after surgery, although if Presby Dallas’ Wi-Fi works as promised, I hope to update the blog soon afterward.

I’ve got a busy day planned for tomorrow — all the things I won’t be able to do for a while: breakfast at the deli, movie at the mall, jazz and lobster at Nate’s, with a break in the middle so hubby can watch the NASCAR race and we can catch up laundry and other house stuff.

I have really short hair and, as of yesterday, I have really, really, really short hair. Since I’ll be using a walker after surgery, I need something that is just wash and wear. I also had my acrylic nails removed since I’m not supposed to wear polish in surgery and I won’t be able to get back to get them done for a while. I feel like surgery has already begun with all this cutting going on.

I’ve spent the day getting the guest room ready for my brother who is coming in the Sunday after my surgery, and also doing some initial packing for the hospital. I’ve labeled my walker and reacher and crutches. Packed all my electronics and some clothes like my robe and slippers.

I’ve decided to give up the fear. I’m really focused on the getting well. Jack was out of town last night and I spent much of the evening reading blogs of people who have gone through this. (I didn’t know Martha Stewart had hip replacement surgery.) I also played with the virtual hip replacement surgery at http://www.edheads.org/activities/hip/index.htm — which I recommend to anyone contemplating or undergoing this surgery. I’m very encouraged that my imagination has blown the whole surgery fear out of proportion.

For some reason both yesterday and today my hip has really been giving me trouble. May be the weather. We’ve been having rain for the first time after weeks of 100+ degree Dallas summer. However, I really think it’s the fact that my hip has figured out its days are numbered and is throwing a fit. At any rate, it’s slowing me down and keeping me from getting some things done that I feel like I need to — like grocery shopping.  I have to pick up some prescriptions and something quick for dinner when Jack gets home this evening, but I’m not going to be able to spend the time or energy to stock anything up.

So this is it. The quiet before the storm. I really appreciate all the support and good words. I especially appreciate those sending prayers my way. I strongly believe in the power of prayer, so thank you.

The laptop’s packed. I’ll write more after surgery.