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Well, here it is a week later and all’s well, mostly. I’m doing super. This afternoon I even chucked my walker for a bit and got around using a cane. I’d do that all the time, but Jack is keeping an eagle eye out on me. He’s out of town on day trips the next few days and my brother isn’t quite as certain about telling me what I should be doing. I guess he’s known me longer and even knows better that telling what I can and can’t do is a futile exercise. However, I am trying to be good, so I’ll probably continue to give lip service to the walker for a day or so. It’s just so awkward compared to getting around with just the cane. Dr. Tucker told me to do whatever I felt comfortable with, so I will (as if I’d really consider anything else).

Ah, the physical terrorist. Oh my gosh. As I indicated in my earlier email, it’s not quite a personality match. I won’t go into details here, but it’s not going to work out. A health-care provider is a very personal relationship and I firmly believe that there has to be a comfort level for it to work and it’s not. There is an interesting twist in all this however. The insurance inadvertently (I’m sure) approved two different providers for physical therapy. I called Lynn at Dr. Tucker’s office and explained my predicament, that I didn’t think I would be comfortable with this guy and also that Presby Health Services had also been approved. She indicated that they would do whatever I needed to make sure I was happy. Either ask the original provider to send a different therapist or switch providers completely. I’m going to call her back in a few minutes and get something else figured out. I do believe in PT in recovery (although I don’t think I need a lot), I do want someone that I can work with.

There is one fly in the oinment. It appears that my right leg is somewhat longer than my left. I haven’t measured it, although I think I’m going to get my brother’s help in doing that. I think it’s somewhere in the 1 1/2″ range, which is substantial. There’s always a chance that there will be a variation in leg length, but it’s normally minor. Jack seems to think that it’s just swelling, but that’s a lot to be just swelling. At any rate, that will give us something for Dr. Tucker and I to discuss next week.

But after the first week, things are great. I’m well enough to be bored and frustrated with the fact that I’m not supposed to bend over  90 degrees at the hip — which means I still need help getting dressed, drying off after my shower, etc. The worst complaints I’m having is that I’m really stiff and sore in the morning. On one hand, it’s partly from being confined to sleeping on my back. On the other hand, I wonder if being off Methotexate for a couple of weeks hasn’t caused my RA to creep back a bit. I should start back on that regimine this Friday with Dr. Tucker’s approval.

I’m enjoying having my brother hang out. Fortunately he’s not had to do much, just keep an eye on me. He has back pains and issues of his own, so we make a fine pair.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and ongoing interest.