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Well, went to the doctor today for my two-week follow up and things are looking good. Got to see my X-ray with my new hip joint. Dr. Tucker installed three screws in the “socket” part of the joint into my pelvis just as a safeguard. It looks like I have a satellite installed.

He’s pleased with my progress and is comfortable with my starting to walk some without the cane, particularly around the house where I have counter tops and furniture within reach for support. It’s still basically progressing at my own pace as I feel comfortable.

I listed my range of concerns,the main one being the length of my right leg. He measured the X-Ray and he says that it might be a couple of millimeters different, but certainly not the 1.5 inches it feels like. He gave me basically the same explanation that the PT guy gave me and tells me that when things adjust over time that it will feel less and less uneven.

I also discussed the idiot PT guy that first came and he’s going to have a discussion with the provider about not assigning him to any of his patients. He didn’t say much, but you could tell from his expression he was not pleased with what the guy did either.

I also now have a card for the Homeland security guys when I set off the airport metal detectors.

I go back to see the doctor in a month (October 7). By then I expect to be driving and back to work at the office.

Jack leaves tomorrow (Thurs) and won’t be back until late Saturday evening, so I’ll be on my own for about three days. I’m sure I’ll be fine. The PT guy will be here Friday morning, so if I have any issues, at least I’ve got someone scheduled to come by and check on me. But I’m sure I’ll do fine.

Thanks for checking in with me.