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I was thinking about milestones today. When you have surgery you tend to cross what seems like major milestones — getting your tubes out, leaving the hospital, the first time you eat at the table instead of propped up in bed. These milestones seem to come at a rapid pace and help buoy up your spirits and give positive reassurance that you’re on the mend.

As you recover, however, there aren’t as many milestones. Well maybe there are, but they come in a different form. Instead of being able to do something you hadn’t been able to, you simply do them a bit more easily. Therefore you don’t notice the progress as much.

I think this feeling of lack of progress has been contributing to my recent ennui. Not to put up with such a dismal feeling for long, I took matters into my own hands. (Need I say that Jack is out of town?)

Baby steps at first. As of this morning the shower chair has gone missing. I’m now walking around some without my cane, so I decided that I no longer have to use the shower chair. Ah sweet freedom. Few things make you feel more human and happy than a good, hot shower, and taking one sitting in a chair isn’t nearly as satisfying. So my morning was off to a good start.

Then it got dangerous. After lunch I was going out to the alley to take some trash to the dumpster and there, in the garage, was my poor neglected little SmartCar. It hasn’t been started, much less driven, in about two weeks. I swear it whimpered as I walked by. Talk about cabin fever, my poor little car has it worse than I do.

So I grabbed my purse and my cell phone and away we went.

Well, “away we went” might be a bit of a stretch. I very carefully manuevered myself into the car seat and we drove quite slowly and cautiously around the block and back to the garage, whereupon I equally as carefully manuevered myself back out of the car.

Regardless of its brevity, it was a delicious escape for both of us. The SmartCar purred along and I no longer feel like I’m trapped in the house.

The truth is, I’m not quite ready to be driving around. It was uncomfortable getting in and out of the car and I don’t have a lot of strength yet in my right leg to press on the brake or even switch from the accelerator to the brake. However, I now know how much more strength I need to build and I know that if I really, really had an emergency, I could drive without killing myself or anyone else. (As long as it wasn’t too far.)

But you gotta admit, for just over three weeks after hip surgery, I’m doing super. Most people haven’t even graduated from their walker yet and I’m already sneaking out of the house.

I figure I’ve got the rest of this week, then probably two more weeks of staying home. I don’t want to start working at the office until I’m ready to move all my computers and files back and until I’m really comfortable driving, and I think that’s what it’s going to take.

Thanks for checking in with me. I appreciate everyone’s good thoughts.