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Great news! I went for my follow-up with my rheumatologist, Dr. Cheatum this morning and I convinced him to discontinue the Methotrexate. Nearly all my RA symptoms were associated with my ex-right hip, which has been replaced, so those are now gone. We’ll continue to treat the remaining, minor inflammatory issues with Mobic. I go back next March unless I start having problems before them.

I am SO happy to be off that drug! Not only is it very toxic, it zaps your energy. I felt like I’d completely lose Friday nights and I’d feel like a laggard the rest of the weekend. In addition, I can now have that glass of wine or sip of single malt Scotch again. While I haven’t missed it that much, I have missed it and it’s nice to know it’s something I can enjoy again.

At week four, I’m walking with the cane (no walker) and walking around the house a lot without any support. I’ve started taking walks outside the house and my goal is to get my strength built up enough that I can drive (at least short distances) by the end of the week. Jack’s been pretty good about running my errands for me, but it’ll be a relief for both of us if I’m able to go to the bank or store myself. I still have some problems getting comfortable enough for sleep at night, particularly since I’m not supposed to sleep on my right side for another couple of weeks. But it’s a short-term problem and I know that I’m on the home stretch for that.

I did an analysis of my health insurance claims and it appears that I’ve overpaid my deductible by over $1000 so far. I’m going to start with chatting with the insurance agent and see if I can get them involved between me and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. One of the issues is that I have to assume that the insurance company is doing the same thing to the insurance claims of the other members of the firm. I’ll start that conversation this afternoon.

So that’s what I know. I started this blog semi-depressed, but am feeling more like my old fiesty self again. Once I get completely mobile, I’m sure I’ll be dangerous.

I’ll probably continue to update the blog on a semi-regular basis, again, more for a diary for me than the fact that I expect anything momentous to happen.

I appreciate all the love and support from those friends and family that have tuned in.