Today marks six weeks after surgery and my first day back at the office.  I made it until about 3:00 pm. The problem isn’t pain, it’s stamina. After six weeks of recuperation, being up all day in an office is a bit more activity than I’m used to. I’m walking around the office without the cane but use it getting around otherwise.

On one hand, it was great to be and out and “back in the saddle”. On the other hand, I’m not sure I’m mentally ready to hit the salt mines again. This ought to be a fairly quiet week, so hopefully I can use it to get the last six weeks of accounting and filing caught up while easing back into the routine. There are some large projects looming on the horizon and I need to build up the stamina quickly.

Next Tuesday is my follow-up appointment with Dr. Tucker. It’ll be more of a conversation of when I can do things — like wear high heels, sleep on my right side, cross my legs, etc. etc. etc. All those things that are still making me crazy.

I’ll update the blog after that appointment.