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I’ve had my second doctor’s visit after surgery and, going back over the blog, realize that I need to update a couple of things.

First of all, there’s a picture of my new hip (the X-ray, of course) posted on the hospital pics page. Click on the link above.

The doctor says I’m doing great. I still have a ways to go to get my strength back. He’s given me some new exercises. I walk with a slight limp when I walk without my cane. I don’t use the cane around the house or office, but I always take it with me when I’m out. At any rate, these new exercises are specifically geared to get rid of the limp, so we’ll see.

I’ve been back to work for just over a week. This week has been full blast working on site with a client on some major projects. I put in a 12-hour day yesterday and I can tell I’m getting worn out.

Theoretically, the insurance has figured out all the deductible refunds. However, they refunded everything back to the providers who filed the claims, so now I have to go track down a dozen providers and pry the money out of their hands.

My surgery leg has now magically reduced down to normal size and is no longer 1.5 inches longer than my other one. Not sure when that happened. I’m sure some leg-shrinking fairy godmother stole into my bedroom one night and made the transformation, because I certainly didn’t notice the change until the other day I realized I was no longer listing to port.

My doc is somewhat conservative. I have a friend who had both hips replaced earlier this year and she’s wearing high heels and doing all kinds of things. My doc tells me that he’d be happy if I never saw another pair of 3″ high heels and wants me always to be restricted from crossing my legs, bending over past a certain point. I know he just wants to make sure my new hip stays in place and lasts a long time. I just want my life back.

I think that’s it for now. I go back to the hip doc in two months and the rheumatologist after the first of the year. I may not have much to post between now and then, but will certainly add to the blog if I do.