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First of all, I took my second Humira shot last Wednesday. Hubby wasn’t around to be cheerleader and timekeeper (and potential ambulance driver), but after the non-event last week, I wasn’t worried. Bottom line, another non-event. Not sure what the difference is between me and all the Humira people that have problems — maybe I have more flab to inject, maybe I handle pain better, I don’t know. When I think of all the injections that hurt so much worse (dental, antibiotics, flu) I just don’t get the big deal. I’m sorry for those who do and, as a result, dread taking the medication.

I went back to my ortho guy for my shoulder follow up. He’s not sure what to do with me. I still have tendonitis, I still have partial tears in my rotator cuff, but he emphasized the increased arthritis in my shoulder. Interestingly, it’s osteoarthritis, not RA, so it’s directly affecting my bones instead of having an inflammatory effect on the soft tissues. At any rate, he’s sending me to an ortho guy who does do a lot of shoulders. My doctor keeps saying the words “shoulder replacement” which is unsettling considering how long it took him to say hip replacement when I was in daily, intense pain. We’ll see and I’ll report back.

The other thing is I asked him for another rheumatologist. As reported in this blog, I think Dr. Cheatum is a great clinitian. His office sucks. I’ve had four appts with him. Two of them were at 11:00 and both times I didn’t get in until approx. 4:00 pm (five hours later for those who are keeping track). The first time I didn’t get breakfast before I went for the appointment, so I was starved, and both times it was inexusable. His office staff is unresponsive and when you finally do get their attention, they’re rude. This is not a public health, free clinic. If you’re going to charge what they charge for an office visit, then give the service. I’ll report back on the new doc as well, but in the meantime, I’m staying on the Humira. The rest of you be advised of what the issues are with Dr. Cheatum.

So that’s how my 2009 is starting out. Hope yours is healthy and happy. Thanks for staying tuned.