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Took my new hip for its second trip to London last weekend. Nearly wore myself out, but the hip is doing great even though the weather in London was very damp and chilly. I was reading through some of my old posts about how much pain I was in before the surgery and it seems impossible to believe compared to how I feel now.
When we got back, I was due for my third Humira shot. Once again, no issues. I used the same routine: take the shot out and let it get warm, use an ice pack on the injection site, and spray it with some lidocaine. I’m going to quit reporting on this because unless something drastic changes, I’m going to assume that it is a non-event. I do wish, however, that I could see a positive improvement. I can’t tell that my symptoms are much different although I was told it might take as much as three months to see a positive effect.
I went to the new rheumatologist before we left for London. Her name is Pooja Banerjee, she is an associate of Dr. Brodsky, and she is delightful. She’s in the same building as Dr. Cheatum, but she and her practice are worlds apart. They’re professional, caring, and they believe in keeping appointments. I look forward to having her take care of me. For those of you who are still suffering through Dr. Don Cheatum and his rude, unresponsive staff, run (don’t walk) downstairs to the third floor to either Dr. Brodsky or Dr. Banerjee.

I still have another month or so to go before I see Dr. Burkhead, the shoulder doc to see what’s up with that. Dr. Banerjee seems to think he’ll want to do surgery based on her examination and the way I screamed bloody murder when she manipulated my arm.

“Ah, we’re a bit tender here, I see,” said she.
“##!**?^%&*(2(@(####!!!!” said I.
So that’s all I know. Thanks for checking in with me.