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Saw the shoulder doctor this morning (Wayne “Buzz” Burkhead) who is apparently one of the best shoulder surgeons in the nation, based on his Google hits. He wants to replace the shoulder. I countered with let’s go in with the scope and clean up the rotator cuff tears, smooth out the arthritis as best we can and hope for some improved mobility. My solution won’t produce as good as result, but it would perhaps delay the inevitable replacement.

We compromised. In two days (to allow for pre-certification by the insurance company) I go in for a CT Scan which apparently shows arthritic changes a lot better than an MRI. Based on the outcome, we’ll determine next Tuesday, 3/17, what kind of surgery we’re going to do. If it were my right arm or if I hadn’t just had my hip replaced, I’d be more agreeable to the idea. I’m just not sure I’m mentally ready for replacement surgery even if my shoulder is physically there.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on. Thanks for checking in.