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Well, tomorrow morning around 9:30 I see Dr. Burkhead and we determine what course of action we’ll be taking with the shoulder surgery. I have no doubt that we’re headed for the operating table.

The more I think about my option of cleaning out the shoulder with the scope, the less I like it. I think the inevitable conclusion is replacement and doing the scope will simply mean another surgery — and who knows how long any positive results will last.

The CT Scan was a piece of cake, but the X-Rays were awful. The technician couldn’t get my arm raised where she needed it, so she put me on the table. I still had to raise my arm WAY past the comfort zone into the “hurts like a son of a gun” zone. I was in tears it hurt so bad, then she had to retake the Xray. My shoulder was sore all weekend and still feels like something has been pulled or torn loose. We did the CT Scan after the X-Rays, so if something is amiss, it should show up on one or the other.

The other thing is I didn’t take my Humira shot last week. I have to be off at least two shots before I have surgery. I haven’t necessarily been able to tell that it’s done a lot of good — until I skipped a week. By Saturday morning, my joints were sore all over and I was really fatigued.

I’ll update this tomorrow after the doc’s visit.