Well, it’s official, although not scheduled. The left shoulder will be replaced. The CT scan showed that not only is the cartilage gone in my shoulder joint, the head of the arm (humerus) has slipped slightly and is grinding a new indentation into the shoulder socket (glenoid).  Unfortunately, the longer we wait, the more deformed the glenoid becomes and the more difficult it is to repair for the replacement parts.

I’m really not happy about this, but it is the right decision. It just doesn’t seem possible that I’ve lost this joint in such a short time. It was fine before I had the hip replacement surgery. Then when I started using my upper body to push myself up in bed, use my walker then my cane, my shoulder started hurting. Unfortunately it never got better.

We’ll be doing a “regular” not “reverse” shoulder replacement and the success with the type of implant they’re using seems to be very good. My surgeon does more of this type of surgery in a month than most do in a lifetime, so I’m in good hands.

I think the surgery will be done in the surgical center, although that’s to be determined. It will be strange having surgery anywhere but Presbyterian Dallas. Normal time in the hospital is 2 days after surgery. I am hopeful to be able to start working from home the week after surgery.

Now that I’m an employee I have to figure out how all this PTO (personal time off), disability, etc. works. After 7 calendar days, I get 60% disability payment, but if I start to work, even part time the week after surgery, I don’t know that disability will kick in. Lots of things to figure out. Being a consultant was simpler. If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid.

The good news is that they’re not going to recommend that I donate blood ahead of time. Those of you who have read my blog during the hip replacement surgery period understand what a trauma it is for me to give blood or have any type of needle in my vein.

I’ll update the blog as things get scheduled and we move forward. Thanks for checking in.