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Well yesterday I saw my internist for my pre-op physical and general annual check up. No surprises there unless something comes back in the blood work.

This morning I went in for a follow-up visit with my rheumatologist. She was appalled that I’ve been off the Humira as long as I have.  Ideally she wants her patients to be off for four (4) weeks before surgery then start again two (2) weeks after surgery if everything is healing and progressing like it should.

She was also concerned that Dr. Cheatum prescribed two Celebrex a day. She said I should be stopping the Celebrex any day now prior to the surgery and when I start back up again after surgery, she wants me to only take one. In the meantime she has prescribed some pain medication for me to take when I get of the Celebrex that won’t interfere with any of the surgery stuff. I don’t know that I’ll take it. I’ll probably stick with Tylenol. I have too much to get done to be dopey headed. But if I have problems sleeping or whatever, it’ll be nice to have them.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my knees have been bothering me. When she examined me today, it was apparent that my right knee was swollen. She wanted to draw off some of the fluid then inject the knee. NOT! I guess it would have made my knee feel better over all, but I don’t have the time to deal with it if it hurts due to the procedure. She offered to let me come in at any time before surgery and get my joint(s) injected and/or put me on a low dose of prednisone, although she’s not real keen on the prednisone because it can interfere with healing. She’s afraid that I’ll have a flare being off the Humira and I don’t doubt that she’s right.

I still haven’t gotten my head around this surgery. I know without a doubt that this is the right answer, but knowing and feeling it are two different things. They had to stick both arms yesterday just to do a simple blood draw for my physical. That just brings home how difficult it is to get an IV started in me and all those fears about the surgery came flooding back.

I called the surgeon’s office today because I haven’t gotten the disability paper work back so I can get paid while I’m off. They’re going to get it to me later today (probably). I still haven’t gotten my packet of information about the surgery and check-in procedures, so hopefully that will show up soon.

Tomorrow I go to Houston all day on business, so I’ll get to beep through two new airports — Dallas Love and Houston Hobby. I can’t imagine how many bells I’ll set off when I have both the shoulder and the hip.

I expect things to be pretty quiet between now and surgery, but if anything new pops up, I’ll update the blog.

Thanks for checking in.