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It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 days since surgery. Being off work and on drugs seems to make the days run together.

I’ve decided to basically give up the pain/muscle relaxer meds. I was taking them as a matter of course to “stay ahead of the pain, not chase it”, and realized that I probably didn’t need all the narcotics and associated side effects. Actually I planned to do this yesterday, but I have an area in the biceps region that tends to get really sore as the day wears on and when I woke up yesterday, that pain was already there. So I first took a muscle relaxer, thinking the muscle was just tight. When that didn’t work, I broke down and took an oxycontin (just one), which is a long-lasting drug, with the thought I might not need anything else for the rest of the day, which I didn’t. However, before I went to sleep, I took a percocet which tends to put me to sleep. Even so, one muscle relaxer and two pain pills is a far cry from the around-the-clock meds I was taking. This morning I haven’t needed/taken anything, but if/when I do, I may just start with some Tylenol and go from there. I haven’t even opened the hydrocodone bottle. It’s sitting on the shelf with the left over two bottles from previous adventures.

I think I’ve got a lot of mobility for where I should be. Right now all my exercises are passive, meaning I move my surgical arm with my other arm. I’m not supposed to be using my surgical arm for basically anything.  The one thing I can’t do yet, and which was one of the things I had issues with before surgery, is raising my arm/elbow directly in front. One of my exercises is to use a pully to raise the arm. My elbow is supposed to be level with my shoulder and I can only get it about 1/3 to 1/2 the way there.  I actually do use my arm some when I’m getting ready in the morning when I’m out of the sling — not a lot, but some.

My IV bruises have about faded. I still have one dark purple, quarter-sized one on the inside of my fore arm and 3 other light green areas you can see on the forearm. The back of the hand is still a light grey/purple/green. The needle holes have healed down to basically little light scabs that a good salt/sugar scrub at a spa would cure.

I get my stitches out Monday, which will be nice. The incision is about 6″ long with a little curl on each end, giving it a weird sort of S shape. Kind of like “Sorro” (instead of “Zorro”) came by with his sword and initialed me. I’m going to ask the nurse if I can get clearance to start back on my Humira and my Celebrex. My rheumatologist said two weeks if they were happy with the way I was healing, so hopefully the answer will be yes.

I am excited about this weekend. I get my first outings. Saturday I get my nails done and Sunday is our wedding anniverary so we’ll go to dinner Sunday evening. It’ll be a bit embarrassing being at a 4-star restaurant and having Jack cut my food up for me, but I don’t care. And my hair has finally grown out to about 1/2″ so it looks stylishly chic (or that’s what I tell myself, anyway).

Then on the 30th I go back to see Dr. Burkhead. I hope/believe at that time I will start real physical therapy and will begin getting my strength and range of motion back in my arm. I’m ready. This sitting around getting well is nothing if not boring, especially since I’ve quit taking drugs.

That’s all I know for now. Thanks to all who care enough to check in and are sending warm, healing thoughts my way.