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Today I got my staples out — all 14 of them. For the not squeamish among you, I have uploaded a picture of the incision along with a picture of the bruises that are still on the back of my hand from trying to start the IV. Click on the shoulder surgery pics page link.

Had a good weekend. Got out of the house for the first time since surgery. Went to the store Saturday and Sunday went to dinner for our wedding anniversary.

My home health nurse is going to check to see if I can restart my Humira and Celebrex. My rheumatologist said 2 weeks after surgery if I was healing like I should, and the nurse said everything looked great.  I’ll be glad to be back on the medication. I think I’ll feel better over all.

I think that’s about all I know for now. I’m just getting really tired of being house bound. Thanks for checking in.