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Anyone who knows me, or for that matter, anyone that’s been following this blog for very long, knows that I’m a pretty independent spirit and tend to take other people’s advice as (at best) suggestions (including my doctors).

So today I got out and drove my car. This goes against all instructions from my doctor, advice from my husband, and in direct violation of the traffic laws of the great state of Texas (until we secede, at which point it will once again be the great nation of Texas). It’s actually against the law in Texas to drive impeded — such as being in a sling. Even if someone else smacked me, it would have been my fault. So I weighed the unlikely event that I would become crossways with a law enforcement officer against wearing my sling while driving. Caution overruled what is probably good sense, so I went without my sling. I spend some time out of it each day (showering, exercising, etc.) so I figured that a few minutes more wouldn’t hurt anything.

I didn’t go far, but Sunny (my bright yellow SmartCar) hadn’t be started, much less driven, in the three weeks since surgery, and I know how I feel when no one revs my engine for that long.

Need I say that they only way I could even consider driving is around is that my husband is out of town this weekend?

Granted he had great intentions on taking Sunny and me out for a spin before he left yesterday, but (1) he’s been very busy leading up to this trip and (2) being a Cadillac guy, he doesn’t really like driving the SmartCar. I suspect that (2) had more to do with the fact that he hasn’t gotten Sunny out of the garage.

Living a block away from two of the busiest freeways in the state, probably the nation, has it’s pluses. I took Sunny down the block and around the corner and within a few minutes was tooling along the access road at a healthy 50 mph. When I got to the intersection of the second highway, being Sunday morning, there were like five cars on it, so off we went there. He got to stretch his legs at 65 mph, followed by a few cool down blocks through quiet residential neighborhoods before being safely tucked back into his garage spot.

The only problem I really had is that I can’t use my turn signal and the fact that drivers who don’t use their turn signals is one of my pet peeves bothers me considerably more than the fact that I snuck out in the first place.

But it was good to be bad. It was good for me to get out of the house for a few minutes. I now have confidence that if I absolutely needed to, I could drive. And it was certainly good for the car to get his tires turning and his engine revving.

Hopefully Thursday when I see the doctor he’ll let me have a bit more freedom. While there’s a lot of great things about being able to hang around the house and work from home, I’m ready to feel normal again.

I’ll check in after I see the doc on Thursday unless something worth noting comes up. Thanks for checking in and for all the good thoughts.