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Went to see the doctor for my post-op check up Thursday 4/30 (2 days ago). Everything is looking good. He’s released me to go back to work next week, which was what I wanted.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I’m still incapacitated for a while. I was expecting to start physical therapy and I’m not. I’ve got another five weeks of passive exercises to do. I’m doing the same three I have been doing, plus one where I start trying to move the arm behind my back. In three weeks, he wants me to be able to lift my arm on its own — but I’m not allowed to lift anything with it. Also in three weeks, he wants me to be able to go without the sling. I go back to see him two weeks after that — June 4. Hopefully then I’ll start physical therapy and get some more range of motion and strength in that arm.

This whole recovery process is very different than my hip replacement. They had me up and on my feet as soon as they could after my hip surgery. At this rate, it’ll be months after surgery before I’ll be actively using my arm. But it will be good to be back at the office and get some normalcy back in my life. Being homebound really makes you feel like an invalid and that’s not going to make any one get better fast.

Thanks for checking in.