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Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen Dr. Tucker my hip doctor, and Dr. Banerje, my rheumatologist.

I went to see Dr. Tucker because my hip had been bothering me a bit after a fall and I wanted to check it. Also my knees have been giving me a lot of problems and I wanted to see if there had been any arthritic changes in them since the last time we looked. The answer was “no” to both questions. The hip looks great on the X-Ray as do the knees. However, as Dr. Tucker pointed out, the pain and stiffness is due to the RA, which attacks the soft tissues and doesn’t show up on the Xrays.

Which brings us to Dr. Banerje. Bottom line is that she’s left me on Humira, but added some dreaded prednisone. I’m take two 5-mg tablets a day for two weeks, then dropping to one per day until I see her again in a few weeks. She also drained some fluid out of my right knee and shot it full of steroids. This was not a pleasant procedure. Then I had to get my labs done and the girl had to stick both arms to get enough blood. Also not pleasant. I went home and felt sorry for myself for the rest of the day.

In much more pleasant news, I guess, I’m taking delivery of my new Lexus IS 250 this evening. I’m trading in my much-loved SmartCar for something more substantial, with more power, and more air bags. Jack’s just worried about me driving such a small car in Dallas rush-hour traffic. He does have a point, but the SmartCar is one of those pure joys in my life that make me smile every day, and those are few and far between. I’m probably the only person in America who’s not just absolutely thrilled to be driving home in a new Lexus. Poor me.

On yet another topic, I may have to go to South Africa for a couple of weeks on business. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I’m not sure what that will do to my medication schedule. I don’t think I can travel that far away for that long with my Humira.

I think that’s all I know for now. Thanks for checking in.