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I realized the last time I posted anything, Jack was about to go in for cardiac catheritization to check out some abnormalities. Fast forward a month. We’ve now been through triple bypass surgery and Jack is doing fine. He saw both his surgeon and cardiologist last week and got clearance from both. He’s started driving again and is working most of the day at the office. Tomorrow he goes to get enrolled in a 12-week cardiac rehab program. We’re both on diets and exercise, which should do us both good. He still gets tired, but it’s only been four weeks since the surgery, so that’s to be expected.

On the diet side, Jack is obviously on low salt, low fat because of the heart situation. His doctor told him he could have red meat once a year, and he really should eat food with oats. He’s also on a prescription fish oil capsule. So I’ve enrolled both of us on the online Weight Watchers program. I was successful in losing weight before (that I’ve since put back on). I put Jack on it just so he could start keeping track of portion control. Even with low-salt and low-fat, eating too much of anything can add the pounds. They also have some really great recipes online, and it’s great to come up with something healthful for dinner.

That’s all I know at the moment. I’ll check back in (before another month, I promise!).