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First of all, Jack is doing terrific. He’s pretty much back to normal (except when he sneezes). He’s been going to the cardiac rehab and we’ve been walking on the days when he’s not doing that. He’s pretty much got his stamina and strength back as well as having lost about 20 lbs. He had his 60th birthday last week and we were semi-bad for dinner, but at least we had veal instead of steak.

I had been having real problems with my arthritis and went back to see my rheumatologist. She determined that Humira was not working for me and put me on a similar drug, Simponi, which has been shown to be beneficial for people that Humira didn’t help. The good news is that you inject it once a month instead of every other week. I can already tell that it’s doing good. On Humira, the first feelings that I had every morning when I woke up was how bad I felt. All that is gone. My knees have even stopped hurting and it’s been less than a week since the injection. I go back at the end of September to see the doc, so hopefully this will be good news. The only downside is that my doctor has prescribed the syringes rather than the pen and I really, really hate syringes, so maybe I can get that changed before my next shot is due.

I go back to see my shoulder doctor in two days. My shoulder is not doing well. I have quite a bit of strength in it and I don’t have any problems doing my exercises, but it’s not rotating like it’s supposed to. When I raise my arm, it’s like the whole shoulder raises instead of  just the arm. Think about how your arm/shoulder look when you shrug your shoulders. Well, if you shrugged your shoulder and raised your arm, that’s how my repaired shoulder looks. I think either the implant isn’t rotating like it should or I’ve developed some impingement, or perhaps some adhesions. If those are the problems, then I have to go back to the OR to get them fixed.

That’s all I know for now. I’ll try to be a bit more diligent about keeping the blog updated and I’ll check in after the shoulder appt on Thursday.