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Well, the doctor says my shoulder replacement is doing fine, but I’ve apparently been over using it (surprise, surprise) and it’s tightened up, so he is sending me to physical therapy for a while. I’m okay with PT, but my favorite, walks-on-water, miracle working therapist is no where to be found. I don’t know that I trust my new body parts to anyone else. My first session is Wednesday around lunch so we’ll see what the new guy has to say.

The new Simponi drug seems to be doing better than the Humira. For the first week, I didn’t hurt at all, but it wore off after about a week and now my knees, as well as most of the rest of me, are back to their normal, painful selves. My finger joints are also starting to bother me. My right index finger, especially, which is my mouse-driving digit. The distal has enlarged to where it’s about twice the size of the one on the left hand. It’s not real obvious until/unless you see them side by side, and no one really does except my manicurist. I am hopeful that the Simponi will build up in my system, much like the Humira was supposed to have and that the effects of the injection will last longer each time.

I see my internist for my six-month check up tomorrow. I don’t expect any surprises, but then what do I know. At least I don’t have to fast for this appointment. I get cranky when that happens.

Jack’s new Lexus came in. They forgot to put on the pin striping and the spoiler, so he’s a bit upset. He’s only driven it like once since he picked it up. Of course, there is no reason to put miles on the new car when the existing Cadillac is sitting out on the driveway with miles still left on the lease.

That’s all I know. I’ll check in after the various upcoming doctor appts.

Cheers, and thanks for checking in.