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I am now counting the days until my next Simponi injection. It seems like the last week has just been miserable. Every morning I wake up and count the things that don’t hurt- it’s easier than counting the things that don’t feel like they want to move, ever again. I got such immediate, wonderful relief with the first injection of Simponi, I’m hoping for the same reaction this time, but maybe it will last longer than a week. I’ve considered going back to see my rheumatologist, but I don’t want to go back on steroids (yet) and until we figure out if Simponi is going to work for me, I’m not sure she has much else to offer.

But my symptoms seem to be accelerating. I’ve been walking in the evening and last night my knee was so swollen that you couldn’t even see it. I’ve also been developing pain and new nodules in my hands. All of this is disturbing. I’m taking Tylenol at an alarming rate, but it’s all that gets me through the day. Previously I had been taking two Celebrex, but my new doctor cut me back to one. I’m considering going back to two a day and seeing if that morning dose helps.

The physical therapy seems to be helping loosen up my shoulder. We stretched it out really well on Monday to the point that I’ve been really sore all week. I go back Thursday and hopefully I’ll be up for another good session. I have hope now that I’ll get a good range of motion back and lose some or all of the painful tightness. So there is good news in my life, after all.

My husband is recovering nicely from his triple-bypass. He’s been diligently going to rehab 2-3 times a week, eating well, ignoring red meat, and enjoying the benefits of red wine. All is well on that angle.

I take my next Simponi shot on or around the 12th of September and see my rheumatologist soon after that. I’ll check in after those events unless something deserves mentioning before then.

Thanks for checking in.