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I actually think the Simponi is working. However badly I was feeling earlier has cleared up. I had been in Chicago for five days and had felt like I was coming down with something ever since I returned. I finally got over that and when I did, all my achy symptoms went with it. I still have some stiffness in my hands but the really painful knees are no where to be seen. I’m managing stairs quite nicely, thank you. Hopefully Simponi will work for me.

It is really weird though that every once in a while, quite out of the blue, one of my knees will just start hurting and throbbing. What’s weird is that it seems to happen when I’m home relaxing with my feet up. Go figure.

I really need my RA to stay in the background for a couple more days until I get this project out the door. I don’t have time to have a flare. I checked my calendar, and nope, nothing on the schedule.

I also haven’t had time to go back to physical therapy on my shoulder. I’m afraid I’m losing what small amount of progress we had made previously. Promise to myself: once this project gets out the door, I’ll do my stretching diligently (at least for a while).

This morning I got an [unpleasant] surprise. I ran across an article where a doctor was discussing the pros/cons of shoulder surgery, partial shoulder replacement, and total shoulder replacement. The doctor in the article indicated that someone with a total shoulder replacement [like yours truly] would be unable to lift more than 25 pounds with the affected arm for the rest of their life. No one told me that. I must remember to ask my surgeon when I see him again in December. My shoulder stays slightly sore most of the time — probably because I’m mistreating it. But sometimes even getting a hug or sleeping on my side will cause more pain than I think it should.

Overall, though, I’m doing better than I have in months. The Simponi is helping, the folic acid keeps me from being so fatigued and stressed, my hair’s grown out to where I actually look human again — all of those things are important for health and well being.

Thanks for checking in.