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Of course the day I can lolligag around in bed is the day my eyes pop open at 4:30. The last day I had off was Labor Day, 24 days ago, and most of the work days between then and now have been 10-14 hours long. I have been counting the hours until I could just be lazy today, and I wake up long before the sun decided to peek over the horizon. It’s just as well, as my husband had to get up at 5:00 to catch a flight, so I would have been awake anyway. I didn’t actually GET out of bed until about 7:30, so I did get a chance to relax and enjoy not having to fight the morning commute. Tomorrow afternoon I get to catch my own flight and join hubby in Las Vegas for a much needed long weekend of R&R.

The first thing I realized when I woke up this morning was how badly my knees hurt. My knees are my RA barometer. I keep track of how well my RA drugs are working by how hard it is for me to get up and down stairs. I’ve been doing very well since I switched to Simponi in August. I had been in pretty severe pain the evening I took the first shot and the next morning the most amazing thing had happened: nothing hurt. It was the first time in a long time that had happened and it lasted for a whole week. I took my second Simponi shot on September 11, and it took 24 hours for everything to completely stop hurting, but it’s lasted 19 days. Yesterday afternoon as I took the stairs down from my second-floor office to go home, I noticed some knee twinges that hadn’t been there when I climbed the stairs on my way in to work in the morning. Sure enough, this morning my knees woke me up, and my hands were stiff, and my ankles hurt, and even my elbows which don’t normally complain, joined the chorus.

However, the fact that I got almost two MORE weeks of relief from this shot (versus the first one) gives me hope that my next shot will potentially last the entire month. I suspect that like its cousin Humira, it takes a couple of months for the full effect of the drug to kick in.

So here I am with a full day of “me” time. No work, no husband, just a full day to myself. That doesn’t happen very often. I have errands to run this morning, but this afternoon we’re supposed to get some of those wonderful and terrible Texas thunderstorms roll through. So once I get my “to do” list done, I am going to do absolutely nothing except read a good book and enjoy the storm. (Okay, I have one conference call this afternoon, but that’s all.)

I just wish my Simponi had lasted one more day. Texas thunderstorms and arthritic joints don’t play well together.

Thanks for checking in.