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I’ve been waxing somewhat philosophic lately in my posts and I was reminded that I hadn’t given a progress update in a while. So for those of you who interested in hip and/or shoulder replacement, this blog’s for you.

It’s been about 14 months since the hip replacement and I honestly forget that I ever had the surgery done. It feels so much a part of me that I have to consciously remind myself that I’m not supposed to do certain things — like cross my legs. Since I’ve been exercising lately, I’ve noticed a little soreness, but that’s standard workout muscle stuff. I don’t have a limp, loss of strength or motion. The only thing that is any indication that I ever had any surgery on that hip is the scar, and it’s fading.

The shoulder is a different story.

I continue to struggle with both strength and range of motion with the shoulder. I’m pleasantly surprised that my water aerobics classes haven’t made the shoulder sore, in fact, just the opposite. However, I can barely raise my arm above shoulder height. Even the physical therapist wasn’t able to loosen the shoulder up much, so I anticipate that I may be back in surgery next spring to relieve some of the scar tissue. The shoulder is getting stronger, but I can tell that it’s not as strong as my right shoulder. Hopefully continued exercise will improve that situation. I don’t want to sound bleak, because it’s not. It’s better than when I went in for surgery, so that’s an improvement. And in my day-to-day pretty sedentary life, it’s much like my hip in that I forget that I had surgery. It’s those occasions when I try to reach the top cupboard or reach out the car window for the parking ticket or the ATM receipt that I have issues.

In short, I would say that both procedures were a success and while I suspect the hip is stable, that I expect to see continued improvement over the next several months with the shoulder.

Thanks for checking in.