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I’ve made my living in various types of corporate communications for a number of years, both as a consultant and now as an employee. How I got here is a different story, but much of the writing I do is to put words in other people’s mouths — leaders of companies that have news, both good and bad, to share with their stockholders, their industry, and their employees.

One thing I’ve found about writing is that it has a very crystallizing effect on your thinking. It’s one thing to have an overwhelming issue that you have to communicate, it’s quite another to commit thoughts about that issue to paper (or computer, as the case may be). Writing about a problem requires you to bring certain disciplines to bear. You have to arrange your thoughts into a logical order. You have to carefully choose words and phrases that clarify, but don’t over- or understate your message.

In essence, writing clarifies an issue by defining boundaries, adding color, and providing depth of understanding.

Like the ugly duckling that was actually a swan, this blog has transformed into something totally unexpected for me. It started as a way to keep family and friends up to speed with my trials and tribulations, but has morphed into a tool that helps me define RA and what impact it has on my life. And hopefully those reading this blog find some meaning here as well.

RA can be an immense, all-consuming, overwhelming, life-changing topic. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of medical information as well as the utter sense of personal loss. However, writing about RA makes me break it into digestible chunks with which I can deal. How am I feeling today? What problems am I coping with today? What new information did I learn today?

Writing about RA keeps me grounded in the here and now and what I can do to improve my life. It keeps me from staring off into the [hopefully] distant future where increased disability is lurking. And it keeps me from looking over my shoulder and mourning the loss of healthier days.

Thank you for letting me share these thoughts with you.

I appreciate you checking in.