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I started this blog over a year ago — July 2008 — right after I had my RA diagnosis. This blog has lasted longer than some of my husbands (seriously!).  It started as a way to keep family and friends informed of my progress as I went through my hip replacement, then my shoulder replacement, then my husband’s bypass surgery — all in the last year or so.

Besides keeping family and friends up to date, it has served as sort of a personal diary to keep up with my health. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what we felt when, or when symptoms started getting worse, or something changed.

A year ago, after my hip surgery, I felt well enough that I insisted on stopping treatment. Today, I’m counting the days [hours, minutes] until my next Simponi shot. I can tell myself that the disease hasn’t changed/increased that much over the past year, but when I go back and read my notes on how I was feeling, what choices I made, I can tell with certainty that my RA is progressing. I can’t imagine writing todayI decided that my symptoms were not bad enough to be taking “serious” drugs.

Above and beyond all that, this blog has served to introduce me to a whole community of people facing the same issues I am on a daily basis. Some have gone ahead, some are learning from my experience. Regardless, there is an underlying sense of sharing and support. I am amazed, every day, when I see the number of people who read this blog (and no, I don’t have THAT many cousins!). Thank you for caring enough to check in.