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Last Saturday night was my company’s holiday party. I’m not much of a party goer, but I really didn’t have an option. So I got all dressed up in my party duds and new jewelry, then I went to my shoe rack. Hmmm. Pulled out one of those great pairs of three-inch heels, dusted them off (literally), and took a deep breath. Amazingly, it was like I’d worn them just yesterday instead of months ago. My feet didn’t scream either then or later and I didn’t wobble once. And I felt really dressed up for the first time in a long time. They’re back on the rack again and will probably go completely out of style before I get to wear them again — if I’m even able to — but it was great to have them on and pretend like I was Cinderella for at least one evening.

Doctor’s appointments this week. The rheumatologist on Wednesday morning, the shoulder surgeon for follow up on Thursday, and another bad dentist appointment on Friday. Good thing I worked all weekend to make up for the time I’m taking off this week.

I’m due for my Simponi shot this Wednesday. This shot seems to have lasted longer than the previous ones. However, I think it will be good to see the rheumatologist when I’m “on empty” so she can evaluate how I’m doing.

This morning when I was getting dressed, I was standing on one foot putting on my slacks when my ankle “slipped”. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s like all of a sudden, my ankle couldn’t support me any more. And hurt, heavens, tears came to my eyes. I didn’t turn my ankle, it just felt like something gave way. I’ve been noticing at the end of the day when I get home that my ankles as well as my knees have been swollen. The fact that the joints are also warm to the touch tells me it’s not just water retention. We’ll see what the doc has to say.

I’m interested in seeing what the shoulder surgeon has to say as well. Going to water aerobics has helped with strength and some flexibility, but based on where I am, I don’t doubt that I’m going to need some scar tissue relieved after the first of the year. I was trying to use my curling iron to get ready for the company party this weekend and it was extremely frustrating not to be able to reach behind my head like I needed to. (Never ask an architect to curl your hair for you. Not a good idea…)

The security person at Heathrow airport in London commented that my left shoulder looked elevated or more prominent than my right shoulder (before I told her which one was the replacement joint). I can see the difference when I raise my arms, but I hadn’t realized it was noticeable when I was standing straight with my arms relaxed.

Which reminds me, my previous two trips to London were after I had my hip replaced in August 2008. Neither time did I cause the security machines to beep coming back through Heathrow security. This time, with the addition of a titanium shoulder, I did set off the alarm. I guess I finally crossed the titanium-parts-per-million threshold. Oh well, scanning is now a permanent part of my air travel, so I guess I might as well get used to it.

That’s all I know. A busy, busy week ahead. I’ll update things after my doc appts.

Thanks for checking in.