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Well, as it turned out, Ms. Super-Organized, Type A Personality screwed up her calendar. The appointment with the shoulder doc was Tuesday morning, not Thursday morning. Good thing their office calls and leaves reminder messages.

It wasn’t a good appointment.

They X-rayed, they poked, they prodded, they manipulated, then they injected. The issue is I’m not getting my range of motion back. They’re sending me back to physical therapy. I go back to see them again in February and if things aren’t better, I suspect we’re looking at more surgery to relieve the scar tissue.

This morning it was my rheumatologist appoint. I really do like my rheumatologist, but she just changed practices so today it was fill out all the new-patient paperwork again. I got there early because I felt like I needed to get to the office (I took off yesterday after the shoulder surgeon adventure). I got toher office early, and normally she is right on time with her appointments, but after getting the paperwork filled out, I finally got to see her at 9:30 instead of my expected 8:30 appointment.

Anyone following this blog knows how thrilled I am with the immediate results of Simponi. However, it just doesn’t last for me. After the first week, things start going downhill. So the doc decided to change my medication again. She has now switched me to Enbrel. I wasn’t expecting this and haven’t done any research on the drug, so if any of you have any experience with it, please let me know. Since I was due for my Simponi shot today, they went ahead and gave me an injection while I was at the office. The injection site is very red and angry, but from what little research I’ve been able to find, that’s a common reaction and should clear up in a day or so.

So now I go from one a month to once a week. Since the Simponi only lasted for about a week, maybe this will work. I certainly hope so.

But now I have two, brand new, unopened Simponi injections that I don’t know what to do with. I go back for a nurse visit after four weeks of Enbrel. I think I’ll take them with me and maybe they can use them. That’s about $3600 worth of drugs that shouldn’t go to waste.

I get a day off tomorrow from doctor appointments, then Friday go back for some more work on the root canal situation, then next Tuesday I see my PCP for my regular six-month check up and more lab work.

Sheesh, what a week. I liked the week in London lots, lots, lots better.

Thanks for checking in.