Excuse my language, but did you ever have one of those weeks that at the end of it you felt like you’ve been through a garbage disposal and spit out into the sewer system?

It started with my working all weekend. It’s not unusual that I work one day or the other of the weekend, or even part of both days, but I put in about 12 hours both Saturday and Sunday. Of course I was out of town the weekend before (for Thanksgiving), so I had worked the weekend before that, so I started the week badly in need of just some down/home time.

So I’ve already written about my Tuesday appointment with my shoulder doc and how much fun it is to get your shoulder injected. I wound up missing work all day Tuesday because I could barely move my arm. Wednesday was my appointment with my Rheumatologist (the Enbrel seems to be working, by the way), so I worked late Wednesday to make up for going into work late. Thursday was another 12-hour day and I was back at work Friday morning at 7:00 because we had a 9:00 managers meeting that I had to work with our CEO to get ready for. Then it was time for the endodontist and another fun afternoon in the chair. It took 8 (count’ em — eight) injections (each of which I felt) and almost an hour to get me numb.

None of that is even the worst of it.

My husband Jack has graduated from cardiac rehab after his bypass surgery in June. He is now in a “monitored” class, which is basically the same thing. They monitor your blood pressure and work with you on the program. They also do an EKG once a month. The nurse noticed something not quite right while Jack was working out on Friday, so she suggested they do his monthly EKG. He’s back in atrial fibrillation. Fortunately, the health center where he works out is basically across the street from his cardiologist’s office, so he went by there. The cardiologist has put him on blood thinners until Thursday when he goes into the hospital to have a scanning procedure done. Apparently they put a device down inside his throat/esophagus and they are able to scan his heart functions from the inside. He’ll be semi-sedated, so I’ll take him to the hospital. If he’s still in afib when they do the procedure, they will defibrillate him while he’s there. After that he will be on medication for a while to help keep his heart rhythm stable. I asked Jack what the next steps are. There is some surgery they can do to help control it if the medication doesn’t work. We’ll just have to see. I was just starting to feel comfortable and good about Jack’s health since he’s been doing so well since his surgery, and now this. Now I’m worried all over again.

So next week I have my first physical therapy appointment Monday, I go see my PCP for my regular six-month check on Tuesday morning, I have my next endodontist appointment on Wednesday — which I will probably cancel. Then Thursday it’s all morning to potentially all day with Jack. I am just frustrated (as I am sure my boss is) that these health issues are taking my entire life. I wouldn’t mind dealing with all this stuff if it wasn’t so frigging inconvenient. If I could just drop off my tooth or my shoulder and have it worked on and pick it up later, I would be much happier.

On another note, today is the day that I’m passing out Christmas money and that always puts me in a good mood. I do have people in my life that help make my life easier and it’s nice to take a minute and what (in the greater scheme of things) is really just a bit of money and say thank you. I count my blessings that these people are in my life and that I have the wherewithal to put a little extra in their holiday fund — because they all work very hard for their living. The $20 or $50 or $100 in the envelope makes a real difference in their holiday funds and it’s nice to be able to help them and their families enjoy this time of year.

So even after the week I’ve had (and the week I’m going to have next week), I’m getting into the holiday spirit. I hope you find things that bring  joy and blessings in your life as well.

Thanks for checking in.