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Okay, so I know you’re not as excited about that as I am, but then again, you’re not as closely attached to them as I have been all my life.

I hadn’t realized how badly my ankles have been swollen until this weekend when I noticed they were back to their old lithe, svelte selves. And boy howdy, did I ever abuse them this weekend. Ran errands to both cleaners, grocery shopped at two stores, did laundry, cooked 1/2 day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday, and not even a sign of puffy ankles.

And for the first time in forever on Saturday, I not only didn’t feel bad, I actually felt good.

I have to believe it’s the Enbrel working because that’s the only thing that’s changed.

It’s not just my ankles, either. My rings (which have been getting progressively tighter) are suddenly loose, and my knees not only don’t creak, they aren’t swollen either.

I know that others who read this blog have had Eureka moments when something finally works. I can’t believe my next injection is day after tomorrow and I don’t feel like I need one yet. Please cross your fingers with/for me that this lasts, because it will be an answer to a long-standing prayer if it does.

Thanks for checking in.