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You know what Wednesday is? It’s Enbrel day. Time for the second injection. I actually don’t feel like I need it. When I was on Humira and Simponi both, I would count the hours until my next injection. Yes, I’m starting to get a bit achy and my knees are complaining, but I feel better today on Enbrel right before my shot than I did most days on either Humira and Simponi.  Keep the fingers crossed that it continues to work and that I don’t build up a tolerance to it. I’ve heard from several people who have been on the drug (and in remission) for years.

By the way, I had two unused Simponi injections in the fridge when I got switched to Enbrel. That’s about $3600 worth of drugs. I hated just to dispose of them, so I called my rheumatologist office. They were happy to get them for their indigent patients, so I’m glad that they didn’t go to waste. My rheumy’s office had provided me with two samples last September when my pharmacy screwed up, so I figure this is just returning the favor.


You know what else Wednesday is? It’s the day before I take my husband in for his cardiac tests for his Afib. I told him the best thing about this is that it gets me out of going to work. That’s the truth. The rest of the situation pretty much sucks. Hopefully we’ll get some indication tomorrow when we’re at the hospital what the situation is. I know the procedure is a form of echocardiogram, but what they’re looking for and what they’re going to do about it if they find are two important pieces of information my husband didn’t get from the doctors. In the meantime, they’ve upped his blood thinner. One of the great dangers of Afib is blood clots / stroke / death, which can be minimized through blood thinners.


If everything goes according to plan (including Jack’s tests tomorrow — especially Jack’s tests tomorrow), I’ll be at the wonderful, relaxing Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas one week from today. You can tell how much I like it, I included the snack bar in a scene in my book, Wake Up With Fleas. And the snack bar is just the part that happens BEFORE you go in the back and take off your clothes. (smile)

That’s all I know for today. I’ll update again tomorrow after the injection tonight and Jack’s tests. In the meantime, thanks for checking in.