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They say baby ducks wake up in a new world every morning —  meaning they have no recollection of what went on yesterday (or the days before that), so everything is brand new to them each day. I’ve known — and unfortunately worked with — people like that.

Well, today’s a new day for me. Not quite like a baby duck day, but things have changed enough since yesterday that my perspective on some things has changed.

First, we took my husband in this morning for his cardiac test for his atrial fibrillation. About 15 minutes or so after they took him back, my phone rings. It was him. He’s back in normal rhythm, so they didn’t even do the procedure. His cardiologist came over to the hospital and said that sometimes after bypass surgery the fact that the covering of the heart, or the presence of scar tissue, can cause this to happen. He’s going to keep him on blood thinners and put him on the arrhythmia medication for a bit just to make sure things stay calmed down.

And about me, the second Enbrel shot has worked its wonders.  It wasn’t until I was bounding up the stairs to my office this morning, lugging my briefcase that I remembered that my knees, ankles, and the rest of my joints were supposed to hurt, but they didn’t, so all’s well on that front as well.

My rheumy’s nurse warned me that Enbrel would sting (whereas Simponi is supposed to not sting, and Humira is supposed to). Last night I figured out that it doesn’t sting any more, but it stings longer because the injection itself takes longer. Humira was a maximum of 10 seconds, Simponi was 3-5 second. Enbrel takes a full 15 seconds. Just about the time that Humira or Simponi would start to sting a bit, the shot would be over, with Enbrel, you’ve still got half the shot to go. But I will tell you that a few seconds of stinging for the relief I’ve been getting is an extremely small price to pay.

You know, it’s Thursday, and ever since I started to school, continuing on through my work life, I’ve disliked Thursdays. It seems like you’ve worked all week and it’s not even Friday yet. However, this has been a good Thursday, so I guess I’ll keep it.

Thanks for checking in.