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My husband and I don’t have children, in fact, he has no family at all except for me. My family lives out of state and my siblings all have grown kids (many with kids of their own). So left to our own devices, we use the Christmas break as our chance to get away. Neither of us, for our own reasons, really celebrate Christmas so we have attempted various escape routes to distance ourselves from the frenetic celebrations that occur. We’ve tried various venues from a Christmas cruise, to a remote Mexican resort, to New Orleans (big mistake – everything shuts down). For the last several years, and I suspect for several to come, we’ve made Las Vegas our Christmas tradition. We always visit the arboretum at the Bellagio and enjoy their Christmas decorations and have Christmas lunch (for the last 9 years) at Zefferinos. Las Vegas avoids Christmas as well as any place in North America can this time of year, and it’s relatively calm and quiet, so we have a great time.

My "Adopted" Christmas Tree

I’m looking forward to the massage during our trip, but I must confess the last couple of massages I’ve had have been less than enjoyable. One of the best parts is when they rub your hands and your feet and, honestly, my joints have been so painful that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. However, I take my Enbrel tomorrow morning (a day early) before we leave and I have great confidence that I will once again fully enjoy being pampered. Las Vegas is a “walking” vacation for us, and even more so than our trip to London, I feel ready to tackle the miles ahead of us. They’ve opened up some new hotels at Las Vegas’ much-anticipated City Centre so we’re planning on exploring those while we’re there.

 As you can imagine, I don’t really decorate my house, but I decided I would “go green” this year and instead of cutting down a tree for myself, I would just adopt one that was already up. I live diagonally across from the Dallas Galleria Mall, so since it’s the closest tree to me, I’ve decided to adopt it as my own. It sits in the middle of the ice rink and reaches five stories up to the skylight above. (How they put that thing up, I have no clue.) So here’s a picture of my Christmas tree. I’m glad the Galleria has room for it because heaven knows that it won’t fit in my living room!

 And in the interests of full disclosure, this is your kiss/blog goodbye. I won’t be back to post until sometime after our return. However, I hope the holiday season treats you and yours with goodness and that we all have a safe, warm, (flare-free) holiday.

 Thanks for checking in.