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So this morning I had my appointment with my rheumatologist’s nurse to check in since it’s be a month since I started Enbrel. I love the drug, but the injection site reaction has been getting more and more severe. I took a picture with me so I could discuss it with the nurse. The last reaction covered nearly the entire top of my thigh and lasted about six days. I’m due for my next injection tonight, and she has suggested that I take an antihistamine one hour prior to the injection and that I switch the injection site from the top of my thighs to my abdomen. We’ll see if that helps. That’s their first course of action in cases like mine. If that doesn’t work, unfortunately the choices from here are very limited. I’ve already tried MTX, Humira, and Simponi, and for various reasons, I’m not a good candidate for Remicade. This really sucks.

On another note, for a lark I used my husband’s portable EKG monitor and it flashed “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”. Well, no, it didn’t exactly flash that, but it did say that I had a rapid heart rate and that I needed to see a doctor. I went through an EKG and stress test last summer, that came back normal, so I sent my list of symptoms with my husband who had his cardiology appointment this morning. So next week I get to go get checked out by the cardiologist. He suggested to my husband that it might be something as simple as getting me on an exercise program. Well, yeah, that would probably help. What I need is a job where I don’t work 12 hours a day so I can find the time and energy so I can work out. This being a corporate mogul is not what it’s cracked up to be.

So we’ll see. I’ll update the blog when I know more. Hope your day is going better than mine.

Thanks for checking in.