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I’m so excited. I got some new luggage.

When you think about it, getting new luggage is a pretty big event. It’s not something you buy an extra of, like a new shirt.

If you’re a young traveler and it’s your first set, it’s almost a rite of passage. Luggage used to be a common graduation gift, meaning that the person was being launched out into the world. If you’re a more experienced traveler like me, it means that you’ve already logged lots of miles on your current set, but there are adventures awaiting.

My standard luggage set is a roll-aboard that fits in the overhead and a tote in which books, water bottles, etc. are placed. The issue is, you’re only allowed two carry-ons and, if you’re a woman, that means you can’t also carry your purse in addition to those two pieces. So my tote has always been big enough to hold my purse (which is quite small) as well as the rest of my stuff.

The fact is, my roll-aboard probably has a few million more air miles left on it, but it’s the tote that’s the issue. It appears that I have a number of business trips to Seattle in my future. When I travel for fun, I carry a small, 3-lb. laptop with me to use to check emails, etc. However, when I travel for business, I have to carry my company, full-size, 9-lb. monster of a laptop. It won’t fit in my tote. My purse won’t fit in my briefcase which holds my computer.

I needed a tote that holds both my gigantic laptop as well as my purse, Kindle, water bottle, travel docs, etc. And since one of my [no doubt charming] personality quirks is that I like my luggage to match, I decided that it was time to also retire my roll-aboard. There were some things about my existing one that I didn’t like and it seemed like a perfect time to resolve those issues once and for all.

So after dinner (and a couple of glasses of wine) hubby and I went luggage shopping. Found a beautiful set, which was not THAT expensive, but I made the store manager promise I could return both pieces the next day if I couldn’t get both my laptop and my purse in the tote.

Everything works beautifully. I love all the engineering, features, pockets, organization, color of the luggage, and both my laptop and my purse fit with room left over for the other stuff.

I just have a question for those of you who check into this blog.

Anyone have any experience in getting Enbrel (or Humira or Simponi) through airport security? I’ve always used a Wednesday injection schedule because I seldom travel on Wednesdays. You guessed it — my first trip I’m traveling on a Wednesday. My options are to take the shot early on Tuesday before I leave, late on Thursday after I get back, or to carry the autoinject pen with me through security.

Please let me know because I have a feeling that this isn’t the only time this will come up. I have new luggage and lots of places to take it.

Thanks for checking in.