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My husband has a client that has become a really good friend over the years. In his 30’s, he’s a bright, funny, engaging person with a wicked sense of humor and an easy smile. About two years ago he and his car had a disagreement with a tree.

The tree won.

It was a miracle the steering column didn’t go through his chest, but he came out with both legs, pelvis, arm, collarbone, ribs and various other bits and parts broken. Amazingly, six months later he was up working and traveling again (the blessing of being young and easily mended). However, he has enough screws, pins, and plates holding him together that when he dies, they’re not going to bury him, they’ll just convert him to a hardware store.

It wasn’t too long after that when I had to have my hip replaced, followed almost immediately by having my shoulder replaced. It’s somewhat common, therefore, that his and my conversations are about titanium — you know, fun things like airport security.

He lives elsewhere but comes through Dallas on a regular basis on business and was recently in town during the cold weather we’ve been having. He commented that the cold was really hard on him, causing him anywhere from aches to real pain. I replied that damp weather, or rather the low pressure systems that bring it, are worse for me. For that matter, any kind of pressure change, even flying, can cause me discomfort.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, then, this morning at around 2:00 am when my knees (which have been really well-behaved since I’ve been on Enbrel) woke me up with a screaming hissy fit. It wasn’t just my right knee which is the one that usually complains about everything (stairs, cold weather, kneeling down) — it was both of them singing in harmony. You guessed it, there’s a big low pressure front moving in to town bringing a couple of days of cold rain to the area.

There has been a lot of discussion on whether the weather has a true effect on people with RA and other joint-related diseases, or whether it’s psychological. I wish those researchers would interview me for data. I’m sure that weather bothers some people more than others, but if this gets any worse for me, I can give up my day job and become the weather girl on TV. I won’t even need Doppler radar.

Hope your day is filled with blue skies and sunshine. Thanks for checking in.