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In any situation that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, you have one of three choices: to accept it, to change it, or to leave it.

Of the three, I think acceptance is the hardest, because it means just that — accepting the situation without continuing to whine or complain about the thing(s) that make you unhappy. If you continue to complain, then you haven’t really accepted things. 

Several years ago, as many couples do, my husband and I hit a bit of a rough patch in our marriage. Not having the best track record with marriages, leaving was certainly an option for me because I knew that I wasn’t going to change things. But I wanted my marriage to work, so I accepted the fact that if I were going make that happen, I needed to accept, and love, my husband for the way he was. And it’s worked. I no longer get frustrated at the small stuff and when things reach a point that things finally bug me, I let my husband know, in a courteous and gentle way, and he is quick to remedy the situation.

RA, however, is a different story.

I have RA. The only way to leave the situation is suicide, and that’s not a good choice. I have accepted the fact that I have the disease, but I’m also working to change or minimize its effects. I think I’ve finally found a drug that will relieve most of the symptoms and hopefully slow the disease. I am trying to take care of my overall health through diet, exercise, happy thoughts, pedicures and anything else I think will work. (Okay, maybe the pedicures aren’t for the RA, but they make me happy and mental wellness is an important part of overall health. I just can’t seem to get my doctor to write a prescription for them.)

So as you go about your life today, think about your choices and the clarity as well as peace they can bring.

May all your choices be good. Thanks for checking in.