Being the anal-retentive control freak that I am, I like planning what’s ahead of me. I thought I’d share what my 2010 has in store, by the numbers:

96 – That’s the number of “regular” prescriptions I’ll be taking (8 scrips times 12 months), plus the miscellaneous ones for antibiotics to get my teeth cleaned, pain prescriptions, etc. that show up once in a while.

52, 12, 52 – Thats the number of Business Review Meetings, Directors Meetings, and Employee Meetings, respectively,  that I will be supporting and attending during the year.

19 – That’s the number of doctors’ appointments that I foresee: 4 to the rheumatologist, 3 to the PCP, 2 each for the dentist and retina specialist, as well as my NEW friend the cardiologist, and one each to my optometrist, dermatologist, gynecologist, orthopedic surgeons (2), and one mammogram. And that’s if I stay healthy.

7, 6, 5 – That’s how many days I’ll get to spend in Jamaica, Las Vegas, and London, respectively, this year (if all goes well).

3,900 – That’s the number of dollars I’ve allocated to my FSA account to help pay for all those scrips and doctors appointments

0 – That’s how many trips to the hospital I have planned.

6 – That’s how many days until my next blog. I’m off to Seattle next week on business.

Hope you have a busy and productive 2010. Thanks for checking in.