I didn’t post yesterday because I had a bad case of the blahs and had absolutely nothing inspiring, entertaining, or even very interesting to say.

Today isn’t much better.

Those of you who have followed along the meanderings of the mind that get posted here know that I’m a great advocate of counting your blessings. However, I have to admit there are days when the blessings just don’t seem to add up to enough to make a difference.

At the moment, I think part of it is the fatigue. The fatigue has set in a major way since my death march of a trip to Seattle last week. And it’s hard to be positive when you have absolutely no energy and you’re deep down, bone chilling tired. Laying there in bed this morning, snuggled under the covers, felt wonderful and it was very, very hard to think of a good reason to get up. I have a miserably challenging day at work today and I lay there in bed contemplating, “Do I call in sick or do I get up and beat my head against the wall for eight hours?”

I got up. The challenges aren’t going to go away, and the fact of the matter is, even though I’m not up to my normal superwoman vim and vigor, any progress I make, is a good thing.

Hope you have great reasons for getting out of bed today. Thanks for checking in.