Happy February.

It’s usually by this time of the year that I have vacations planned, and we’re pretty much in progress. We’re going to Jamaica in March for a belated birthday trip for my husband (postponed due to triple bypass). I’ve decided to go to New York for my birthday in May. There’s a great play on Broadway called A Behanding in Spokane starring Christopher Walken, about a guy who lost his left hand and has been looking for it for the last 20 years. Something about that (and Christopher Walken) appeals to my weird sense of humor. And, finally, we’re playing the numbers game with American Airlines for our annual London trek in November. It’s a bit of slight of hand balancing spending the miles or the money or some combination thereof.

All of this shows a great deal of faith that both my husband’s and my health will hold up for these adventurous plans. While Jamaica involves a lot of laying on the beach, reading, and alcohol consumption, both New York and London involve lots of trekking about.

And while I’m, at heart, a realist and know that RA can come up and smack my best laid plans, I also believe that you gotta have faith. Trust me, sometimes, that’s the only thing that gets me up and out of bed in the morning. Plus if I know I have something fun coming up, I’m more apt to stay/get in shape for the adventure than the “why bother” I’m just going to work routine.

So that’s what my calendar holds so far for 2010. I hope yours has adventures of the fun kind as well.

Thanks for checking in.