Every night this week I’ve dreamed that the next morning was the weekend and I could sleep late. And every morning I was disappointed to wake up and find out it was Tuesday, or Thursday, or even today, Friday.

I’m not sure what causes these weird dreams. I dream more vividly the two out of three nights that I take my Celebrex, and on Wednesdays when I take the Benadryl before I take my Enbrel shot.  But this week has been fatigue-filled, so I think it’s my subconscious yearning for a day to sleep late. Last weekend my husband and I slept until almost 10 o’clock both mornings — unheard of for us.

In addition to the fatigue, I’ve noticed that my Sjogren’s is getting worse. I can no longer wear my contacts, and even without them, my eyes are a bright shade of red by mid-morning. I take Evoxac to help relieve the symptoms of dryness and while I used to occasionally miss the mid-afternoon dose, I have now moved it up taking it from 3:00 pm to 2:00 pm — an hour earlier. I’ve noticed that when I wake up in the morning, both my eyes and my mouth feel glued shut from the dryness.

Overall, I can tell the Enbrel is helping the joint symptoms, but the worsening of the other areas is somewhat troubling. I’m next scheduled to see my rheumatologist next month. However, she is quick to chastise me if I don’t come in earlier if I think I need to be seen. I’m not sure what the answer would be if I did go see her. More drugs? I hope not, but that’s the bag of tricks most available to physicians.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep on keeping on — and get ready to watch a potentially super Super Bowl this Sunday.

I hope your dreams are pleasant and your rest uneventful. Thanks for checking in.