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Out my office window

Shot of snow falling outside my office

This is a picture of the snow falling outside my office on Thursday, Feb. 11. We got about another seven inches of snow over night. I’ve heard that it was the largest single snowfall for Dallas ever recorded.

Even though it was starting to get a bit slick, my husband wanted to go out to dinner last night, which we did. When we got home, we had no power. Whenever we get any inclement weather, our side of the street loses power, while we can see people across the street in their warm houses watching television and cooking hot meals .

My husband’s offices are only a few blocks from the house so we grabbed a bottle of wine and a movie and camped out there for a couple of hours. When we went back to the house, still no power. Fortunately, we’re within a stone’s throw of some nice hotels, so we thew our toothbrushes in a bag and off we went.

This morning, still no power and lots of tree limbs down. At least we had a hot shower in the hotel. My husband opened the [non] electric garage door for me so I could get my car out, and here I am at the office. As far as I know, the power is still off.

Which is not a good thing because we are supposed to have flat screen televisions delivered this afternoon [yet another story] and they’re going to have a heck of a time setting them up without power.

All in all, it’s an aggravation, but it could have been a lot worse. Had temperatures dropped as much as they thought they would last night, Dallas would have been a skating rink instead of just a big snow cone.

I hope whatever falls out of the sky into your day is good news. Thanks for checking in.