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Thought I’d take a minute to provide a general update.

First, Casa Carla is returning to normal. The power came back on yesterday afternoon, just in time for the television folks to deliver and set up. By the time I got home from the office, the house had warmed back up. We’ve got some big tree limbs down and my yard guy is actually coming on a Sunday to cut down the hanging branches and clean the ones that are all the way down out of the yard.

Next week is going to be busy and I have a business trip to Seattle at the end of it. The following weekend I am going to Arkansas to see my newest family member, Jackson Clint Taylor.

NASCAR officially started again this week. My husband is quick to point out that he only follows one sport. I counter with the fact that it lasts from February through November. I don’t really mind, but our Aprils and Novembers are quite busy because we/he attends the Phoenix, Talladega, and Texas races, which usually fall one after another. Throw in the fact that April is our wedding anniversary and November is our Thanksgiving London trek, and you can guess what our calendars look like. One year for our anniversary we went to DFW airport and had champagne at the Admirals Club. Then he went to Phoenix to the race and I went to London for the weekend. I think I got the better deal, but as long as we’re both happy, it works.

Speaking of busy, the Dallas area really is this weekend. Of course it’s Valentine’s Day. We also have the NBA All Stars Game tonight, and tomorrow is the Chinese New Year. The DFW area has one of the largest Asian populations east of California, so we tend to pay attention to those holidays perhaps more than some areas do.

Finally, an Enbrel update (which I will also post on the Enbrel page). After two months of injections, the injection site irritation is finally calming down. I’m still taking the Benadryl before the injection and I take a non-drowsy antihistamine the next day, but I had nary a welt or an itch this time. All this is good news.

So life is moving on here at Carla’s Corner, and things are returning to their normal hectic pace. As much as I enjoy excitement and adventure, I find normal very comforting. Here’s hoping you have some good, old-fashioned “normal” in your life as well.

Thanks for checking in.