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The good news is that they didn’t inject my shoulder the other day. (And to Amanda who left a comment, yes they do hurt a bit, but they work wonders.)

The bad news is the reason they didn’t do the injection is the only solution for what is wrong with my shoulder is surgery. I actually saw the surgeon, which is unusual because I’ve just been doing follow-up visits on my shoulder replacement. Normally I see his PA or one of the fellows that come to study/work with him. He showed me a picture of the MRI scan and drew neat little lines all over it describing to me how all the things should look but don’t. I have a partial-to-small tear in the right rotator cuff, bone spurs, and frayed tendons. And it’s my right (dominant) shoulder. About all I can do with my left hand is type “asdf” — and then not very well.

And even though it’s not as major surgery as replacing my left shoulder was, it’s guaranteed to be quite a bit more painful and take just as long to recuperate. In the replacement, they took out all the bad stuff. In the repair, they just work on all of it and it has to heal. So it hurts more.

I probably won’t have the surgery until mid- to late-May. One of my coworkers is already scheduled to have surgery in April and will be out most of the month, so I want to wait until she’s back before I take off.

The day after I got this news, I had my regular check up with my rheumatologist. Everything is stable on the RA front, we’re not making any changes to medications, routines, etc. However, she doesn’t believe that my recent pleurisy visit had anything to do with my RA. She is concerned that it might be fluid on my heart or some way related to my heart functions, so she wants me to get an echo cardiogram. I spent about five phone calls between my cardiologists’ office and her office trying to get that sorted out and finally just suggested they talk to each other instead of putting me in the middle. But the fact of the matter is, I’m tired of doctors, and tests, and anything associated with the medical field.

And the cold is still kicking my butt. Which means I have to delay my Enbrel shot for a couple of days, which throws off my whole plan around my vacation next week. I think I’m getting better — at least I’ve quit getting worse — but my husband may be coming down with it — just in time for our trip to Jamaica.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything philosophical or uplifting to share, but I feel bad and I’m grouchy and upset about the surgery. In an earlier post (By the Numbers) my goal was zero trips to the hospital this year. Guess I can cross that one of my list.

I really, really hope you’re having a better day / life than I am right now. Thanks for checking in.