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I knew it was raining even before I was fully awake this morning.

My weather-barometer knees were sounding alarms similar in intensity to depth-charge alerts from old WWII submarine movies. Dallas is on the southern fringe of the blast of winter weather that is hitting the country’s midsection, bringing with it a strong low pressure system, rain, wind, and, later this evening, snow. I think I could probably pinpoint the exact minute that the low pressure front passed over my house.

I tried to explain the feeling to my husband. It’s like one of those really, really bad headaches that once in a while also has a searing bolt of pain lancing through it. Like that, but in my knees instead of my head.

I guess I was spoiled last week with the warm tropical weather and had forgotten what havoc Dallas weather can render on my poor joints. The good news is that it doesn’t take weather long to change around here. It’s supposed to be 60 and sunny again by Monday.

In the meantime, I hope you have sunny skies and calm joints in your day. Thanks for checking in.